Our System is Designed to Help

The Functionalities

Layout Focused on User Experience

Our Platform is developed to provide a better user experience through a simple and intuitive design, easily accessible for any person

Simplified Dashboard

Our analytical tools give schools and teachers the possibility of keeping track of their students performance and record

Integrated Messaging System

E.D.I.S includes constant communication tools in order to keep teachers and students connected, avoiding distance and privacy problems

Students Learning Personalization

With our Integrated AI system, it becomes easier and for teachers to personalize their classes according their students needs

E.D.I.S presents teachers recommended content for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses

Multiple Different Capabilities

E.D.I.S provides teachers the possibility of creating dynamic and interactive classes with a complete and diversified set of features

Educational . Development . Intelligent . System

Powering the Future of Education Through AI and Data Analytics

E.D.I.S Creates a Unique Virtual Experience, Providing Institutions, Teachers and Students Everything They Need For a Better Education

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