About Us

Young and Passionate Team Eager to Innovate the Education Landscape.

UNI 2ALL is a tech startup that aims to promote solutions to address the fundamental problems that affect in the different levels of education.

Our solutions are directed for the different elements that complete the school ecosystem.

With our Integrated Learning Platform, we pretend to optimize education in institutions by implementation of user-friendly and intuitive digital solutions, in order to transform education into a easy and enjoyable process for both teachers and students.

On the other hand, our solutions for students are designed to enhance their study process and allowing them to gain more time fo development of other skills and attributes.

Our Vision

1. Education is More Than Empirical and Technical Knowledge

2. Education is about allowing to develop their own skills, achieve their potential and bring value to the society

3. Educational Systems should be adapted to the technological innovations and society advancement

4. Education must be customized and adapted to each students attributes and qualities